What does BIPC stand for?

BIPC stands for Business and IP Centre. IP is Intellectual Property. 

Where are the centres located?

We have two centres in Cumbria both are located within library buildings.

BIPC Barrow
Barrow Library
Ramsden Square
LA14 1LL

BIPC Carlisle
Carlisle Library
11 Globe Lane

Who are BIPC for?

Inventors, new start up businesses, entrepreneurs and small-medium businesses and social enterprises within Cumbria. 

Within our centres you can access digital and physical resources such as market research, businesses management books, as well as events and webinars.

We run both in person and virtual events and 1-1 sessions with our information advisors.

Can I drop in to one of the BIPC at any time?

With our centres being located within library buildings you can access the resources during their opening hours. These can be found on Cumbria County Council's website.

Our advisors currently work part time, you can visit our Meet the team page to learn more about our advisors and see their usual working hours.

You can also book a 1-1 appointment an advisor on our events page.

Do I have to pay to use this service?

To access our resources there is no charge for our digital and physical resources.

For some of our physical resources you will need to become a member of Cumbria Libraries, this is also a free to join.

From time to time we may run larger events which may require a fee, this will be clearly advertised.

How do I book an event or 1-1?

You can book your place on one of our events or webinars as well a 1-1 with an advisor using our events page or via our Eventbrite page.

Can I book more than one 1-1?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of sessions you can book. We only ask that you give other a chance to book their sessions.

Our resources and events can also help provide you with information which may be to help answer your questions.

What equipment do I need to attend events and webinars?

For our in-centre events, we recommend you bring something to take notes, this could be a pen and notepad, a laptop or tablet. Our centres have free public WIFI to allow you to connect your devices.

For our webinars we recommend having a device with a camera and microphone. These can be internal or can be connected to your device. This will allow you to interact and engage with the event.

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?

Intellectual Property is something that you create using your mind, this could be:

  • A symbol
  • Artistic work - music, film, art
  • An invention
  • Literary work such as stories